What is Reading Olympians?

Olympian and Warrior Overview

Reading Warriors

Reading Olympians and Reading Warrior are teacher created vocabulary building programs based on the concept of teaching Greek & Latin roots and stems.   The programs are designed to teach roots in a fun and engaging way. The programs break 100 roots into 10 sets and each group is named after a Greek figure(not all Olympians the term is used generically). The Warrior program reviews 50 roots from the Olympian program to foster mastery learning.  
The programs include materials to learn, review, and asses the roots (see below).  When a student masters a set, he/she becomes a member of that group-for example the Nike or Poseidon group. When they master all 10 sets they become an Olympian or Warrior!! Both programs are appropriate for grades 3-8.  The Warrior program features graphics that are geared toward older students.  

The programs include detailed instructions and blog support to aid in classroom implementation.  You will be AMAZING how much student love learning roots! Reading Olympians and Reading Warriors  are easily implemented in your classroom any time of the school year-purchase the program one day and implement the next!  
We would love to answer any questions you may have! 
Remember--roots are in the common core grades K-8!

Reading Olympians and Reading Warriors include:

*word wall cards for student to illustrate
*root ring cards to provide individual resource student
*graphic organizers
*activity to utilize the roots
*chants to help learn each root (Reading Olympians only)
* group guides for each set
*award to present when a set of roots is mastered
*data binder material for students

*organizational materials for teachers 

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