Sunday, January 6, 2013

Remembering Angels

It's been a little tough to get in the lighthearted spirit to blog after the the Connecticut tragedy.  Those beautiful little spirits will be in our hearts as we begin the new year with our own children and students. We purchased the set of angels from Krista Wallden for only $4.00.  All proceeds go directly to Sandy Hook for any needs they may have.We thought it was a fantastic way to kick off the new year with a little giving back.  Please consider purchasing these darling angels.  We plan on creating some bookmarks for our students featuring positive quotes.  This tragedy has caused us to put things in perspective a bit.  Problems we face don't seem so huge when one reflects on that terrible day in Connecticut.  It is my New Year's resolution to keep those innocent babies in my heart and use them to remind myself that everyday problems are not really problems-challenges maybe, but should not be treated like a crisis.  Personally, I can speak to this as I parent a diabetic child.  We were blown away by the diagnosis and saw it as so life-changing and not at all "fair" our son was chosen to travel this journey.  Now, I realize he has a journey in which to travel and those little angels  will never have that joy.  I will remind myself of these innocent victims whenever I let things in life get to me or whenever I feel sorry for my son's health issues.  I am sure there are many Connecticut parents who  wish they were only facing diabetes with their children.  

Here's to a happy and peaceful 2013.
Reading Olympians has some VERY exciting plans for the new year!  Can't wait to share!!

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting Sandy Hook with my clipart and this post to let people know about it! I will be sending off the first check to the school as soon as I get my TpT check in the mail this month! Thank you again!!