Sunday, March 3, 2013

Welcome Everyone!!

This post is especially for all of you wonderful, hard-working and inspiring K-6th grade teachers!!! You are all invited to participate in what may be the BEST and most useful education linky of the year!!! I have been working very closely with Krista Miller and Julie Kiss from The Reading Olympians this past year and I absolutely LOVE these two gals!!! It has been a great honor working with both of you (Krista & Julie)!!! They have developed a  complete program to teach grades K-6th Greek and Latin roots. Krista and Julie began developing this program to help their own students & when they realized how the program had helped their students reach higher academic levels and an understanding of how to understand words in context, they began to further develop this program in hopes of getting their program in the hands of more teachers. 

The program has been strategically organized so that students can work at their own pace. It has been carefully scaffolded to allow teachers from grades K-6th to adapt the program into their daily routine in small portions helping to build students' vocabulary, comprehension, reading, spelling, and writing skills. The program and lessons are all Common Core driven and easily adaptable to meet the needs of a wide range of student academic levels. 

The program includes detailed instructions, web support, and extra supplemental materials to integrate into the lessons and promote student motivation and success. Not only are the lessons Common Core driven, but they are also fun for the students. Teachers will not need to learn new skills in order to implement this program into their classrooms and the students will enjoy the lessons, activities, leveled achievement rewards, and not to mention, the beautiful Greek graphics I created specifically for this program. Krista and Julie have also made themselves available to teachers who purchase their program and are hoping to get opportunities to help implement their program in other schools through workshops and hands-on involvement.  I just know they are going to be big time soon..haha..

Many teachers have already purchased the Reading Olympians program and have nothing, but positive things to rave about after using this in their classrooms. 

In order to help bring awareness and get this treasure into your classrooms, I came up with the idea to do a linky -  back when the Olympics were playing (this has been a long process in the making) and decided that the best and most appropriate title would be, Pass the Torch. 

This linky will allow all of you K-6th grade teachers a chance to use this program in your classroom for FREE  - NEVER again will the program be offered for free, so you might want to join in on the fun.... here are the details...

Pass The Torch with Reading Olympians...

K-6th grade teachers (all of you are welcome) who sign up to participate in this linky will receive the complete program for your grade level(s) to use in your classroom. 

1. Upon receiving the program, you will be given two weeks to use at least one lesson in your classroom.

2. You will have one-on-one support during this time for any questions you may have (if you need it).

3. You must choose one day to use at least one lesson to use in your classroom, take observation notes, pictures, and other creative ideas you used during the lesson and blog about.

4. You will all be given a deadline to use at least one lesson in your class and prepare a post about your experience. **You will also get help from myself or from Krista and Julie at any time. 

5. You will each be given a small set of guidelines to organize your post, but you will have the freedom to use the program in a way that will benefit your students and your teaching style the best. 

6. ALL posts will be scheduled to go live on the SAME day. We will also run a MEGA giveaway for the week the posts go live, which will be a fun and engaging learning experience that will also drive traffic to your blogs.  Followers and new followers will begin with the younger grades and work their way up to the higher grades to get the opportunity to see how each teacher and each grade level used this program. Participants will also get a chance to see how other teachers at the same grade level were able to use the program with their students, which will give you ideas on how to implement and use the rest of the program. Each teacher participant will, in essence, PASS THE TORCH to the next teacher participant until all teachers and all grade levels have been visited!!! 

We will give our followers/readers the entire week to pick up the torch from blog to blog and end the week with an amazing giveaway that will include over $100 in gift cards (and more)!! 

As a participant,  you will get an opportunity to get your hands on an amazing program, gain new followers, and learn new teaching techniques from other teachers around the world!!!! I hope you will join us in this journey and I might cross paths as we Pass the Torch!

My original deadline for signing up was March 6th, but because my blog was down this week, I am going to extend the sign-up deadline to March 13th, 2013!! This gives all of you a chance to sign up. Please make sure that you will be able to use the lesson in your classroom in the next month

Deadline to sign up to participate:MARCH 13th, 2013

HOW: CLICK on the image below to fill in a quick form, so that Krista and Julie can begin to prepare the needed materials for each participant that will meet the specific grade (or academic)level of each participant's classroom. 

WHAT: On March 14th, all participants will be contacted through email. Participants will receive directions, deadline dates, contact information and links to get help, and they will be contacted by Krista and/or Julie to get an access code to download the program to use. 

We will give participants one week to get settled and review everything, ask questions, and prepare a day to use the lesson. 
On March 20th, we will then set a date for the lessons to be implemented by and a date to schedule your posts for the Pass the Torch linky to go live!!!

Click the image above to complete a short form and participate with us!!!

I really hope that you all sign up and I look forward to Passing the Torch to YOU!!! Thank you so much for all of your support!!

P.S. What do you think of the new blog design??? I am so sorry I was down all last week!!! I hope you all have a wonderful new week!!! Here are a couple of WILD, 3AM Teacher-themed backgrounds for you to grab!!

Please stop by and check out the amazing two-some who own Reading Olympians!!!


  1. This is a wonderful idea!! I just signed up and I am your newest follower :) I am looking forward to it!


  2. I love this idea! I have signed up to participant and I am now your newest follower :)

    Mindful Rambles

  3. Thanks to both of you!! We are excited to share the amazingness of teaching roots!!!! Cannot wait to see and share all the ways to use the program in classrooms!!!

  4. Good morning. I signed up to participate but I never received an email telling me what I needed to do next. Hope I didn't miss it.
    Anissa Jones