Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summertime Fun!

I know we already stated that we have been epic failures at updating our blog since March's to a second post in less than a week!

While we have abandoned our blog during the end of school frenzy and for the better portion of summer, I thought I'd give you a glimps into my ever busy summertime fun I have been I having the last two months. 

Let's start at the very beginning....June...

After school was out and my classroom was reorganized (kinda) it was time for the fun to begin! First up was a road trip with one my friends from college! We headed to The City on a Hill...The Hub...The Cradle of Liberty...City of Champions...Beantown... That's right Boston, Massachusetts! It was about a 15hr car trip which made it all the more fun with a few added stops along the way!
I had so much fun exploring the city seeing all of the historical sites and walking the Freedom Trail! We also got to catch a baseball game against the Indians!

 Like I said, we added a couple stops to our trip, so where else would we go? SALEM, of course! We channeled our inner Sanderson Sisters for you Hocus Pocus fans and scheduled a tour of the city! We learned so much about the history of the town and we made sure to hit all the movie filming locations as well! If you have never been Salem, I would say it is a must see! Such a cool town!

The last stop around the Boston area before we headed back home was to Harvard. It is a beautiful campus!  Here's a picture of us at the Harvard Library 

 From Harvard we set off towards home planning to make a couple spots along the way. We took a quick little stop in NYC and then stopped at Liberty Park in New Jersey to snap a pic of the skyline!

Our last and final stop was in Hershey, Pennsylvania at Chocolate World.  We did a quick tour and had a little sample of chocolate before we made the last of the trek back home! It was quite the non-stop trip with lots of memories made along the way! 

After getting back home I was exhausted (I always think that's funny when you get back from vacation!) but I was off to the next adventure! This time minimal traveling was required but I had an important task at hand.  My best friend was getting married and I was the maid of honor! It was the perfect day and I even think my speech went pretty well! I wasn't nervous at all...yeah right! It was such a day! 

 Well that wraps up the next chapter, July! Lets just saw I didn't slow down a whole lot in July either!  My next trip was down south... not just the south but to the heart of country music...Nashville, Tennessee!  Two years ago one my friends moved to Nashville so a visit every summer is a must! I always seem to go around the same week in July and every time is just as fun as the last! What an awesome city! We went to all of my favorite stops... Opryland, Franklin, Broadway, Jack's BBQ, and the Pfunky griddle (highly recommend!).  I'm already looking forward to my next trip to visit!

The next day after I got home from Nashville I did the Color Run... The Happiest 5K...with a few friends. It sure was happy and full of color! Finally it seems like things are slowing down just in time to start getting ready for school! I am so excited for the coming school year that I can't wait to get to work in my room.  Luckily they are still cleaning so I'll keep enjoying the summer time :)

I did complete one craft for the first day of school last night thanks to Simply Kinder! Can't wait to get this hung up!

Seriously, stay tuned... We are on a roll! :) 

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