Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Root Fun

This school has been so fun to teach roots! It's really exciting to see our whole school learning roots.  In my classroom we have progressed from learning basic prefixes and suffixes to finding and analyzing words that are made up with roots! It is so fun to watch my students attack words with confidence to break apart using their knowledge of word parts.

Before Christmas break we completed one of my favorite activities that I have done for the past couple of years both with 5th and 2nd graders! This year, again, didn't disappoint! We put a spin on Christmas using roots and called it Christmasology! We created a North Pole Dictionary using made up words consisting of roots and Christmas! It was super fun! It is just so exciting to see their understanding of the meanings of roots and be able to create and apply their understanding in these creations! Here are some their amazing creations! 

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! We made it into a class book and they have loved looking through it since we have gotten back from Christmas break! 

We are also continuing Reading Olympians through the rest of the year! We are almost halfway through the program.  We have gone a little slower through the program only because we are doing so much other amazing root work as an entire school! Here was the beginning of our word wall and one of my favorite illustrations from my student! 

We add bricks to our columns when we pass an Olympian Test! We almost have 5 columns around the room built! 

I just love this inspector! 

Check back next week to see some examples of our Interactive Root Journal that can work along with Reading O or independently from it! They kids are loving the fun activities! 

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