Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall is such a fun time of year.  The leaves are becoming all tipped with color and the air is starting to get that crisp feel! This week kicks off the silly season here in Findlay:)  We have the BIG Halloween Parade on Tuesday followed by Trick-or-Treat Thursday!  Seems like after this week we go into hyper-drive into the Holiday Season!  Lots of fun but sometimes tough to keep the kiddos focused!  Our school has tapered down the Halloween festivities, but there is a feel of excitement in the air to be sure!!!  

We are super excited that our "Greek Pillars" are beginning to   

the colors of success as our students are moving through the Greek root sets and their reading necklaces are growing!  We are forever amazed at how teaching these tiny little roots effect the kids' vocabulary!  We had two amazing examples last week:
First:  Julie was teaching her fractions unit in math and one of her students said "Hey--"fract" means to break apart and "tion" means the process of-so a fraction is the process of breaking apart a whole!"


As we were talking about perspective when reading I had a student (during an observation:)   say..."spect" means to look or see-so perspective must mean looking through someone's eyes we are when we are reading!" 

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined what these tiny little roots could do for our students!   


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