Sunday, October 21, 2012

So the AMAZING Michelle from 3AM Teacher is hosting some fun festivities to celebrate her year of blogging!  Her creativity continues as she is inviting fellow bloggers to share their stories of their first years in the blog world!!!  Well, we love anything Michelle does so we are all over this...but since we are brand new to blogging we don't have much to share. We will sure try though:)  
Here are a couple of tidbits--

 1.  We were ready to throw in the towel on blogging before we even started when Michelle saved the day and created this beautiful blog we are proud to call ours!  We never dreamed we could represent Reading Olympians reading program with such a cool blog! We are forever in her debt!!

2. We STALK our followers number!  Really, it is an obsession.  We are so excited to grow and we somehow feel if we check it 100 times a day that will expedite the process!

3.  If I write a post I instantly bug Julie to check it because I make mistakes all the time. Really---it's bad:) 

4. We are learning that we LOVE blogging--I mean we are so SO new to it we are not really certain what we are doing-but LOVE sharing the joys of vocabulary development through root instruction!  We feel so honored that other teachers are finding Reading Olympians a beneficial tool in their classrooms!  Blogging is a whole new avenue for us to learn and share with other teachers!!!

Finally....I am VERY impressed with myself I figured out how to "grab" the picture and link back to Michelle and join this linky without having to call Julie for help!!!! BAAHAAHAAA


  1. You are hilarious & thanks for the love!!

    I don't think anyone really knows what they are doing in the beginning & that is what makes it so much fun!!

    One thing I have learned is...EVERYONE stalks their never gets old. I am so happy for the growth you and Julie have accomplished and I have begun to see your Reading Olympians stuff more and more.

    Thank you for linking up - the next one on the list.....

    PASS the TORCH!! I can't wait...

    The 3AM Teacher
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  2. Rockin Teacher Materials sent me.

  3. I am a follower! Thanks for donating to Rockin Teacher Materials giveaway!

  4. Oh Pass the Torch! Won't be able to sleep thinking about it!!! LOVE 3 AM Teacher!!!

  5. Rockin' Teacher ROCKS! We have had so much traffic thanks to you!!!

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